Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We are the dreamers of dreams.

Something ought to be said for the daydreamer.

There's a touch of the truly fantastic in a daydream. It could be argued that daydreaming, in itself, does nothing. But that can't be right. Daydreaming, in itself, constitutes creation. The mind's ability to create fantastic {intangible} things, is evidence of our divine origins. Daydreams are the makings of making anything.

Maybe you were just a daydream. . . I'm certain the universe was once just a

I fell asleep beneath the flowers
For a couple of hours
On a beautiful day
I dream of you amid the flowers
For a couple of hours
Such a beautiful day

Thursday, September 1, 2011


"I don't think that we're bad, I don't think we're bad at all."
Sometimes I want things that are bad for me. Sometimes I am completely aware of that fact. Sometimes I know something is bad, or stupid, or going to cause some major Barney Rubble...[trouble].
But, occasionally, I do that thing anyway. Not because I'm bad, just because I feel like I need to try it. I just need to dip my toes in the water. I just need to peek through the crack in the door. There is a perfect example of this concept from an episode of How I Met Your Mother:

In one scene, the gang is sitting at the bar waiting for their food to come, listening to Ted ramble. The waiter eventually comes and puts the plate on the table while simultaneously warning them; "Careful, that's a hot plate." Lily immediately proceeds to touch the plate in curiosity, despite the warning. After touching it she quickly draws back and yelps; "Damn that's a hot plate!" So, although Lily was aware of the consequences, she had to touch the hot plate, just to see if it really was hot - or just to see how hot it is.

Most of the time I avoid things that are bad for me - as one should, but I think a healthy dose of mischief is important every once in awhile.

Being bad is bad and being good is good. I know, I know. It's okay though, to sometimes let yourself slip up. You might even do it on purpose and that's okay too. You can't be one thing all the time, that's just not how people are supposed to be, that's all wrong I think.

"There's blood in my mouth, cuz I've been biting my tongue all week."

When I'm all grown up and I don't have all these irrational adolescent vibes coursing through me I'll probably think it's a stupid, silly idea, this one. But until that day I'm going to do what feels right, and see what I can take, and use up this god-given teenage mess I have. I'm gonna remember things and smile. "I've been making some cold calculations regarding our body heat, it's not easy, believe me."