Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy birthday Julia:

I love you, because you’re mine
And because I’m yours too
And you don’t like to say it but you love me
Like I love you

Because you love things quietly, Julia
(And fiercely, and forever)

I love you because the sky is why
You believe in something better
Than us, than the 80 years we get
Than the “45 tops” you ask for

Because you spit fire and
Stand up for yourself

“I love you” I tell you all the time
And you know when you need to say it
Back, but it’s just so I can hear you,
You don’t need to hear it

Because I say it but you show it, Julia
You show it all the time

I love you because of your edges
They are violent and they are honest
You are violently, brilliantly honest
They are sharp and hard to hold

Because you are sharp and hard to hold
But you are mine; you are my person

And I will hold you until my hands bleed.