Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ellie’s top 25 favorite things

1. White tulips
2. In’n’Out
3. Victoria’s Secret pajama sets
4. The Strokes
5. Large dogs
6. Roller coasters
7. Northern California
8. Concerts
9. Empty movie theaters
10. Blue Raspberry ICEEs
11. Sitting on the window sill of a moving car
12. Poetry
13. Pine trees
14. Forehead kisses
15. Jeans that fit flawlessly
16. The basements of bookstores
17. Band T’s
18. Fresh uniball pens (.5 or less)
19. Art museums
20. Indian food
21. 80’s movies
22. Hotel swimming pools at night
23. The Office
24. Letters
25. Going somewhere new

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I’m sorry I’m in a few places right now
and paper-thin and see-through
I know you can tell that I’m all drawn out
because I can’t help but hang on, to
two, three, four things at once

but it’s not a secret, darling
so you can hold me up to the furious light
but you’ll find my pattern alarming
still – hold me as long as you like
I’m lonely, just not for you only

I have so much love in me, and I want to give it all away, but I feel like it’s stuck these days.