Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Songs I Can't Keep

You're still in my sheets and on my teeth
and it's not because you stay, I know
it's because I keep you here
and I keep you there

You're next to me in the back,
swaying to a song because I know all the words
and I like to sing them back to the band even if they don't see me
even though they've seen the lyrics in a million mouths
you're not really here though, I know

You're this song playing right now, this new one
I can hear it right now and by the end I know the words
I know, I can't keep this one though
this song is just for right now -
in this dim music box between buildings
it means the world for three minutes

You’re a song I can’t have and I remember it so well that
I feel like it’s mine sometimes but I know, it’s not
it was for a few minutes in a soft swelling crowd
this song was all mine, you were the world for three minutes
for one soft swelling season between seasons
and it’s done and I’m forgetting parts

because I know I can't I keep you, here