Thursday, January 17, 2013


Do you ever worry that you aren't inherently good?

You know what good looks like - 
you know it comes when called, and it stops to open doors.
You know what bad looks like - 
you know it leaves one kid out, and lies and lies and lies.
But, do you ever think, maybe, if there was some sort of measurement for all the good in you, 
you might not tip the scale so much?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

And Why Not: Road-trip

And why not spring from the sheets, too early for fatigue
For a haphazard hustle of luggage,
'Til the muffled slide-shut of car doors
Can't sleep”, but do, in a bundle of minutes,
After you've battled a tangle of seat belts
You watch a short-but-sweet show of night-lights in the window
When exhaust wraps you up
Who-knows-how-long now, jostling, puppeting sleep but awake –
Then it's a sun-shot in the eyes
When curiosity cracks them open
Where are we now?
Sound, too buttoned-up to question
Wake without rise in this moving hot-box
Cold glass rectangles display a cinematic scene,
Steel wool shrubs hook to the citrus-colored sand,
Endlessly peeled back, a shriveled tangerine
Your ears always plug –
And you bake,
You bake, blissful
You bake,
And we wend –
Happy in our hot-box,
And why not?
Happy, that is.

By: Ellie Peek

Monday, January 7, 2013

People who drive you places

People who drive you places love you
People who listen when you ask and ho-hum to an "alright" really love you
People who talk back on the drive and are careful to mind the speed limit must love you
People who take your directions and trust your commands have to love you
People who sit at the spot to waste gas and watch you walk in truly love you
People who drive home all alone when you've begun something else love you
People who drive you anywhere love you, I think