Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Talk

I don't do small talk. I don't like it. Don't tell me something on the surface, I don't want to hear what I already know. I don't want meaningless observations rehashed in a different voice and then thrown back into the air, as if it's worth a conversation - "Nice weather we're having" - I know - "That's a nice shirt.", "I like those shoes." - cool story - "How are you?" - I'm fine - "What's your favorite color?" - Get out. Get out of here.

I want to talk about big things, let's talk, how about some big talk?

Do you speak another language? Where is your favorite place to be? Do you like people or do you like to be alone? Why did you start a conversation with me? Did you assume I was interesting? Was it because you thought I was pretty? Intelligent? Probably not the intelligence one. Are you happy? Really happy? Are you in love? Do they love you too? Do you usually have good dreams or nightmares? Do you like boys or girls? Both? Do you believe in a god? How many gods?

That's what I want to know, big things.

“You are beautiful,” he said suddenly.
“How do you know?”
“Because for women moonlight is the hardest light of all.”
“Am I nice in the moonlight?”
“You are the loveliest thing that I have ever known.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Short Stories