Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Words

You know sometimes there's a million things to say
And other times - nothing
And I could mention being speechless or not having the words
For something, saying there are no words
For some things

But I think when it counts, when it really means the world to you
There are words there, at-the-ready
And they don't have to leave you like gunfire, leave you
Reloading the empty clip in your mouth over and over
The words may not leave you empty at all, and you might not use every one

But I think the brightest shining parts of my life
Will not be those silent seconds,
But the moments that leave me perfectly dazzled by something said

Something whispered in my neck at the edge of the party
When we've swept ourselves into a corner,
And the seams of my dress dust you and the wall

Something shouted at a concert between us, between choruses
And only just barely understood
By reading your lips when red and purple lights bounce off them

Something said, on a doorstep, already implied in glances
Beaten half-to-death after an anxious day together
And spit out as I'm about to close the door on you

Something screamed to break apart sobs
Or break a stiff silence
Words that save the night or save the whole thing because

Words will do that, when it really counts
Catch us, after fumbling around with our hands
Reveal the right and real things with their exactness and
Sometimes blinding sincerity
They will be there and they will be all we have:

the words.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


I know it's not the same to you
(because matters never matter the same to people)
but it matters to me –
and I matter to you, so
it matters, it matters, it matters: doesn't it?
if my eyes get red and sore and I
breathe – but I keep talking to you,
mumbling to you,
yelling at you
it's because it matters to me, doesn't it, to you?
Don't I, to you?
So would you stay?
Stay so I know
it matters to you because it matters
to me
stay so I know
I matter
when matters get muddled and dragged out
across the floor, in every room of the house
the one, standing, sameness should remain
you should stay and be the one matter that stands

no matter what the fight is.