Sunday, December 18, 2011

Terribly Human

I find that few things are better than simple human contact. As living things, we crave some sort of physical assurance that we're not alone. I need it, I mean any sort of genuine association with another being; it's holding hands, it's hugging, it's kissing, it's sitting close together, it's crying on someone, it's hearing another person's [boom-boom, boom-boom] heartbeat or feeling the monophonic rise...and...fall of their breathing, it's lying next to someone you fancy, or grazing arms with a stranger, it's the delicate sensation of their fingertips sailing through your hair, it's kicking someone under the table, it's punching, it's brushing a stray eyelash from their cheek, or dancing - - maybe slow-dancing. Whatever.

That tangible touch says,
'I'm here, and you're here too
We're human and we're not alone
I won't leave you because we're connected, because we are both human
and you are not alone'

If you can't go back, where the hell do you go?


  1. i worship you. this is outstanding.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one.
    I'm constantly touching intimate objects and people around me.
    It's like my nerve endings are tantalized by any hairy arm it can get it's hands on.

  3. I love this I love this I love this.
    YA DID IT. but seriously. You totally did it. Stellar