Thursday, January 10, 2013

And Why Not: Road-trip

And why not spring from the sheets, too early for fatigue
For a haphazard hustle of luggage,
'Til the muffled slide-shut of car doors
Can't sleep”, but do, in a bundle of minutes,
After you've battled a tangle of seat belts
You watch a short-but-sweet show of night-lights in the window
When exhaust wraps you up
Who-knows-how-long now, jostling, puppeting sleep but awake –
Then it's a sun-shot in the eyes
When curiosity cracks them open
Where are we now?
Sound, too buttoned-up to question
Wake without rise in this moving hot-box
Cold glass rectangles display a cinematic scene,
Steel wool shrubs hook to the citrus-colored sand,
Endlessly peeled back, a shriveled tangerine
Your ears always plug –
And you bake,
You bake, blissful
You bake,
And we wend –
Happy in our hot-box,
And why not?
Happy, that is.

By: Ellie Peek

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