Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I've always been fond of them -
Weighty ornaments, or floating frilled things
Such a silly luxury, a tassel, but 
Historically, present at noble events

Some lined the robes of Arabian rulers,
Or perched along the King's crown-carrying pillow
Strung about the bed-curtains, lulling an 
Emperor to sleep, little reassurances of wealth

But the once-rich reds have grown poor
The oily ocher has watered down
The deep blue oceans have evaporated
And royal purple has been dethroned

The tale of the tassel in unsung these days
Hung crudely, only tugged to turn a lamp light
Sat on, strapped like animals, to a throw pillow
Grandma's dusty curtain decor, kitsch

Sporting faded fool's gold now
Overlooked, never-altering shades of beige
Like the paled cheeks of a once-rosy Lolita
It's a sad story, that of the tassel

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