Sunday, November 10, 2013

How it can be:

It can be awkward. 
It can be unsure and uncomfortable, 
as long as it's authentic. 
But I want it to be inevitable, 
from the moment we speak to each other 
- not see each other - 
because that's different. It can be infatuation. 
It can be lust at first; 
but not for appearances. 
Lust for the way I immediately need to talk to you. 
Lust for the way you laugh, a long time, over something I say. 
Lust for our ease - how easy it is for you to touch me 
- how electrifying it is to touch you back. 
That will be easy. It will always be easy, for us, physically 
- but at some point you will have to untangle me, 
and I am sorry you've got to do that. 
You will have to be brave and search the darkest corners of me 
- and I'll have to be brave and look inside you as well. 
I'll hope for some bruises to match my own, 
but I'll want to fix them, and if I cannot fix them I will love them. 
You will do the same and you will want me more 
when you know about my mistakes and my fears. 
You will give them new names so that they are no longer flaws. 
When I am not myself you will love me until I am again. 
And you will always find me 

because we have the same hiding places.


  1. I know this post is from a while back so it's probably pretty weird that I'm just now commenting on it, but I come back to it all the time. The first 7 lines knocked the wind out of me the first time I read it. I still get crazy butterflies all over. Seriously Ellie. This is so good!