Monday, February 24, 2014

The Middle of Things

They say beginning is the best part,
they'll say nothing is so exciting as
the risky texts, brushing hands and legs
then the inevitable waiting, counting, and sweating

But I don't want that beginning bit
I'm tired of beginning and beginning again
place me in the middle, yes, the sticky thickness 
- the middle

I want the silent car rides, because I already know:
you love this song
you love that restaurant
you hate waiting at this light, and the next, and the next

I want the routine, because you already know:
how I love to stay home
how I love to be kissed on the head
how I hate small talk, since it's such a damn waste of time

Let's go there, now
to the middle of me and you
I know I go too fast at first, I know how silly that is
but I can wait here in the middle if you like

While you start at the beginning
and if you don't quit, if you stick around
you'll find me, here:
in the middle.