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This is one of my favorite videos, not least because of the tiny adorable accents:

The subject of gay marriage has been a hot one, for a long time, but a particular article has been floating through the Internet lately and it has me wanting to break my usual silence. The article presents the testimonies of children raised by homosexual parents, speaking out against gay marriage.

Now as young adults, the individuals in the article detail some of the abuses they suffered at the hands of their homosexual parents. The argument in the story is that homosexual marriages are inferior, and that a family with a homosexual parenthood breeds only sexual and emotional perversion.

I think this argument is ridiculous; to me, it becomes obsolete when you consider the vast amount of research done that shows that gay/lesbian parents are equal if not superior to heterosexual unions, raising happier and healthier children.” It makes sense that a couple who has had to go through a great deal in order to stay together, be financially stable enough for adoption/surrogate pregnancy, and wants children – would create the ideal environment for a child.

I do not want to dismiss the pain of the children speaking out in the article, they had rotten parents. The victims in the article did suffer at the hands of their gay/lesbian guardians; I could never say that all homosexual parents are a success – they are not – but then we have to look at heterosexual parents: clearly, not without fault.

1 in 10 children suffer from child maltreatment. 1 in 16 children suffer from sexual abuse. Nearly 1 in 10 children are witnesses to family violence. Considering that only 3.5% of Americans even identify as LGBT, and only 25.3% of homosexual couples have children – they could not possibly comprise of all this abuse – it isn’t mathematically possible.  

The argument that “gays/lesbians aren’t fit for parenthood” is a cruel and senseless one to me. The comments section of the article about it was grotesque, calling homosexuals “sick,” “animals,” “heathens,” and perhaps most frighteningly things to be “extinguished.” Family is something hard to define. To me, families love and protect each other. Families are units of growth and progression, many homosexual parents provide that.

Whether you support marriage equality or not, it is above all, most important to love people. 

“Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding.”
— Bill Bullard

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