Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Click, Click, Click, Click

"Hey my aunt told me something neat.
She said, everything...goes by so fast, we should try to
take mental pictures of the high points."

"Oh wow, that's cool. Click! Oh you blinked! Dammit now that's in my brain forever.
What a lousy picture."

"We should've hired a professional to take the mental pictures."

Nothing quite like psychological photography. I took a plethora of mental pictures last week. Now my mind album is overflowing with moments, a particular few will sit there always, gathering dust and periodically being reached for on bad days. *click* There was a moment when I was the reason for laughter on someone's lips, their real ugly laughter {the best kind}. *click* There was a moment when it was too dark to see perfectly and I just guessed - it's easy to guess what someone looks like when you know their face so well - 'I like it better when I can see you...there we go - hi.' 'Hi'. *click* There was a moment when I felt stupid. 'What?!' 'Nothing... I just, love you.' 'Oh. Well. That's alright then'. *click* There was a moment when everyone was looking at the sky, except me, because I was looking at everyone - and their
starry gazes that went for miles.

Oh, contented sighs will be my downfall.

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