Sunday, January 22, 2012


There's a point when you know someone so well that you've memorized them completely. Upon observation, there are no surprises about them - only acquaintance. You've memorized the contours of their face, and the way their hair sits, you can translate every wrinkle in their expression; you know the emotions packaged into every sigh, laugh, and tilted grin. You can find their hand effortlessly, and slip yours into it without looking. You can hear their voice in your head when you read notes from them, and you can smell them when they're gone.
It doesn't really make sense, but, it doesn't really have to.

I always see more shooting stars than you, but when you miss them it's usually because you were looking at me - and that's a good way to miss a star.

"Humans are born with drives; We all have the drives to eat, to sleep, to connect. People want to understand and be understood. You shouldn't understand everything, not everything should make sense, or you lose that drive."
- Stephen Van Orden



  1. ellie i love this. seriously. beautiful. love love love love. i just love this. keep it up, i enjoy your blog immensely. :)