Monday, August 26, 2013


someone is going to love it
they will love it when you cry over nothing
(and everything), all at once,
because they know it’s all too much for you
and they will love to hold you
when it’s all too much, they will
think you’re silly and sad and lovely

someone is going to love it
when you sneeze because you’re allergic
to daisies – such a cliché –
but you sneeze honestly
and you like the way it feels
to be bunched up inside like an accordion
and then ring out all messy and unraveled

someone is going to love it
that you have those sad, dark eyes
and just one dimple that only shows
when you smile hard
and when you laugh hard
(that ugly loud laugh)
they will love when it makes them laugh too

someone is going to love it
the way you demand a kiss on the forehead
and a kiss on the cheek; each one
to be even,
and the way you say, “I love you”
too many times
in a day

someone is going to love it
how excited you get when your nails grow long
because you’ve forgotten to bite them
or painted them black, again
how excited you get about dogs
and that you let them lick your clean face
but hate when people touch it

someone is going to love you
the best and worst bits
because the worst bits are you too
so someone is going to hate it
when you think you aren’t enough
because you are
all of you

enough for someone

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