Monday, September 16, 2013

for Hannah

hallways, heartbreak, and horror films
sleepovers sleepovers sleepovers
sexual frustration
but hopes, and dreams, and plans

texting, talking, teasing
you feel the way I do?
someone to tell those hopes,
and dreams,
and plans

smashing a boy's last name to your first
we would do it again
and again
whispering, laughing into the dark

graphite-coated hands
from notes in math class
doodles doodles doodles
I still have them filling my drawers

we stayed up to fight the monsters
the zombies, boys, and insecurities
we cried too much and laughed till it hurt
burned journals and bridges

ate too much
slept too little
feared the future
loved each other

happy birthday my Hannah

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