Friday, January 24, 2014

Ode to Tea (new version)

Good morning –
And it is good, to find my fingers
Half-slipping out of sleeves,
And settling around a familiar frame

It’s good to see you at the rim,
My orb of amber sky with milky clouds,
Murky like the morning

The first thing that is done in this undone day

Rippling with the bounce of the bag
Then settling and re-settling

Sitting, finally sulking in the bottom of the cup
With a fat spice-and-paper friend

Gone, but staying, with
Steamy curls and semi-circles and remembered by
My own drowsy smile-shape

It’s good to find you
Always leaving rings on my desk

Leaving not-quite circles, soggy half-moons

Marking every morning –
Round tallies under papers and pens:
A record of late nights and early mornings

It’s good to have you,
Keeping my fingertips warm
And sending me off with a simple start –

You’ve made my mornings sweet and soft,
When I’m alone, leaning against the counter

You’ve made my eyes drowsy,
When my throat is sore and my nose stings

And you have sat quietly beneath
The back-and-forthing of me and
My sister,
My brother,
My friends -

You’ve made my sister smile
Made my brother laugh,
Made my friends gather, around tables
Or stand in circles
Made us mimic your shape

You’ve made a hot home in my stomach

Left me un-empty with pink, kissed cheeks

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